Support Group Selection Process

You can select an online support group or a Guided Support Group.

Online Support groups meet online and have Control Key Certified Group Leaders who provide Weight Loss Support Counseling Services and team motivation, and ensure you are accountable for the goals you have set in the Group Goal Accountability and Tracking Database. Once you reach you goal and have maintained you weight for six months, you can request alumni or mentor status and are eligible for Control Key Leadership Training and Certification.

Support Group Leaders may also recommend, or you may request Spiritual Counseling Services, which are provided at no additional cost with your Guided Support Group membership.

Guided meeting groups are instructor lead until the group has graduated.
Guided groups are localized, meet in person, and are supported online.
Guided groups follow the schedule setup by the CK Leader, which must be confirmed by each member of the group.


  • The time and place for Daily Exercise
  • The Week's Activities Schedule
  • Various Sunday Brunch Locations and Times

Graduated Groups have met the weight loss group goal for all members.