Suggested Process

  1. Right Track Intensive
  2. Consultation (private)
  3. Guided Support Group or
    Online Support Group
  4. NutriPhit System Enrollment
    and Meal Option
  5. Alumni Network
  6. Certification
    CK Life Style Mentor or Instructor

Suggested Tools and Services

  1. NutriPhit Food Tracker
  2. NutriPhit Meal Plan
  3. CorePhit - Conscious Level Assessment Score Tracking
  4. PowerPhit - Health Tracker
  5. Post Intensive Support Services

We can assist you with selecting services that fit your needs and work within your budget.


You may opt only for a Consultation, then purchase access to services as needed to achieve your weight loss goals.


Service Grants

If you are on public assistance or another state or federally funded program, you may qualify for the Natural Health Research Institute Grant.

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Service Rates

OPTION 1a.  CONSULTATION (Private One-to-One Session)  -  STEP 1
NutriPhit ™ and Core Phit Assessment
$60  Complete Assessment of your Nutritional Habits, Conscious Assessment Score, and Spiritual Level (Duration: 50 Minutes) 
Detects deficiency in your diet, and belief systems to determine the root causes of your addictions and actions so we can determine the plan for your achievement (food, shopping, as well as material non food addictions).
$60  Live Online (Face to Face) Private Assessment

- or - (Assessment Included in Intensive)

(Also Small, Family, and Private Group Intensives)
$260  Intensive Full Training Course (In Person)
$160  Intensive Full Training Course (Live Online)

  • Consultation In Person or Online (by appointment)
  • Intensive Training Course - In Person or Online
  • Goal Planning, Accountability, and Achievement
  • 30-Day Live Online Group Support Access
  • Nutrition and Conscious Level Assessment
  • Online Tools

Guided Weight Loss and Self Improvement
Your CK Club Director will help keep you on track and help you to reinforce the skills you learned in the intensive.
$240  One Week Access Pass
$190  Annual Access Pass
 (Billed $190 Weekly)

  • 30-Day Live Online Group Support Access (*Monthly Access Pass Only)
    • Goal Planning, Accountability, and Achievement
    • Online Tools
  • CorePhit ™ and NutriPhit ™ - Spiritual and Nutrition Training
  • Daily Work Out with your CK Club Leader Mon-Saturday
  • Up to 4-Days per week of Spiritual Counseling
  • Minimum of One - Weekly Activity with your CK Club Leader
  • Fitness Center Access
  • Sunday Brunch with your CK Group

Additional Options

    • Phone Support
    • CK Nature Fresh Meal Plans (Serviced by Local Restaurants & Natural Food Stores)
    • $60 NutriPhit System Tracking (included with Option A&B)
      • Accurately Portioned Meals based on your weight loss plan
      • NutriPhit™ Automated Meal Calculation System
      • Quarterly result Analysis with a Nutrition Specialist
      • Track post-consumption physical effects from your foods to help you and your doctor determine short-term and long-term effects of your consumption habits
      • Spiritual Counseling Access
    • $380 Monthly Meal Plan - Option A
    • $680 Monthly Meal Plan - Option B
    • Weekly Plan Option Available and Daily Fresh Meal Deals
    • Local Group Events
    • PowerPhit ™ Workout (DVD or On Demand)
    • CK Intensives (DVD or On Demand)

OPTION 2.  Group Support Online  -  STEP 3
$74 (30-Days Access)  |  $60 Annual Plan (Billed Monthly) - $ Save 168 per year

OPTION 3.  Intensive Alumni Network  -  STEP 4
$20  $240 Annual Plan or Billed $20 per month

OPTION 4. Private Sessions and Spiritual Counseling
$82 per hour (One-To-One Sessions)
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