Truth   Knowledge  and  Common Sense

Knowledge is Power for Life Achievement and Weight Loss

There is no quick fix, nor magic pill that will help you lose weight nor to acquire the life you desire.
Life achievement requires the undertaking of right actions, and the perfection of process to achieve the right outcome.

Weight Loss requires nothing less.


You will achieve weight loss and the body you desire only when the actions you perform are in alignment with Natural Law (Universal/Divine Law).

In your Intensive Session you will obtain the knowledge required for permanent weight loss, gain insight into who you are, and begin to take the steps required to achieve your self-perfection.

In-Person and Live Online Intensives

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Intensives are interactive and 4-hours of powerful insight and information-packed to get you fired up, motivated, and on track. And, include 30-days of follow-up support either online or in-person with an Intensive Director.

The small group sessions ensure you have the knowledge required for your weight loss and life achievement.

During the session, you will have your questions answered by a weight loss specialist who has overcome the challenges of weight loss and understands the daily struggles you have and will encounter.

You will learn:

  • The True Reason you are overweight and why you allow destructive actions to a/effect your life.
  • Mental Focus Techniques to Counter Temptation
  • To Reinforce the Soul within to Conquer your challenges
  • How to Detect and Remove the Counterfeit Spirit that causes Destructive Behavior
  • True Self Love and Self Acceptance
  • Physical Fitness, and Counter-Trigger Techniques that Work
  • Nutrition facts that will help you lose weight, heal your body and increase your energy.
  • How to use the online tools design to help you achieve your weight loss and life goals.

Intensive Overview



If you know of someone that could benefit from this program but requires financial assistance, have them contact the Natural Health Research Institute